Ron Brenneman arrived at a Salvadoran refugee camp in Honduras as a young, naïve, church worker and found himself in the midst of an active war. Perquín Musings traces his life from those tumultuous early years, to his dedication to the rebuilding process after the war, to his present day efforts to help the citizens of northern Morazán province regain a life taken from them. 

Ron found the courage and conviction to stand up to fear and armed opponents, and gradually came to love the Salvadoran country and its people. His stories are beautiful word pictures portraying both the humor and horror found in a country at war. It is part history lesson, part human-interest story, with accounts of lives inexorably changed by living in the Salvadoran battlegrounds.  Ron explains why he chose to dedicate his life to the people of El Salvador, describes the experience of going home to his native southern Delaware, and shares his hopes for the future of El Salvador and Central America – his new home. 

Perquín Musings is a collection of stories that includes a rare behind-the-scenes look at the civil war in El Salvador and a frank assessment of the American involvement.  A must read for anyone with an interest in El Salvador and its civil war, Ron Brenneman has captured the true essence of devotion to a cause and to a people!