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Mario joined the Sandinistas at the age of 15.  With the triumph of the Revolution in Nicaragua, Mario came to Morazán in 1979 and at the age of 19 became one of the principal military organizers for the ERP.

Mario taught me how to carry and use a handgun during the cease-fire period, when circumstances led me to take that decision.

“You’ll never get into a long distance fire fight, anything longer than from one side of the street to the other is a waste of time, don´t even think about it”.  As he paced off some twenty strides and hung a paper plate target on a scrubby pine, I protested that it was too close.  “This is as far away as it gets”, he cut me off, “and remember, the target is shooting back.”

Mario remains in Morazan today as an historian and Director of the Museum of the Salvadoran Revolution.  He is an invaluable source of information and perspective on the conflict, as well as current issues.